Friday, March 17, 2006

Here comes the fall...

How kind of those above to release the property law the day after 7days reports of the biggest UAE stock market crash yet. There is obviously a fear that the property market might take the same heavy tumble, so the hope is this long-awaited law might soften one, if (or when?) there is one.

Has anyone noticed how the word 'crash' seems to be against the moral and ethical fabric of UAE society, and is never used by the more conservative rags when describing what has been happening to the stock market? Does it instill great fear in the hearts of those who hear the word? I wouldn't be surprised if it was on some sort of Journalistic Banned Words List produced by the Dubai Propoganda Machine. From now on, whenever you see the word 'correction', think 'crash'.

Well done to Nicholas Hendriks for voicing what we've been saying all along - the Oasis Centre fire was a setup because its owners wanted to get rid of it. But will Vitamin W get them out of the hot water Mr Hendriks suddenly put them in?


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glad you are back

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