Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Forced into a utopia

You may have heard of the recent controversy regarding Google's Image Search tool. As part of its agreement with the Chinese government to censor its search services in that country, the results when you type in 'Tiananmen' in Google.cn Image Search are, shall we say, more light hearted than when you key in the same word into Google.com Image Search.

It makes you wonder what Google search would be like if the service here was censored and what we could or couldn't see was decided for us by an influential group of men in towering dishdashes.

Uncensored search for anything to do with Dubai
Shifting sands see costs escalate on Palm Deira.

There have been reports that the only known coral reef off the shores of Dubai was destroyed during the dredging work [of the Palm Islands].

Nakheel's Garden View Villas went on sale in June 2003, but have never been delivered.

“The golf course we were promised has been cancelled, and they are going to build more villas there.” - Jumeirah Islands resident.

Porsche Cayenne crashes into villa garden in Meadows 5 off the main road

Redback infestation in the Springs, Lakes and Meadows.

Emaar profits fall for third quarter in a row

GCC stock markets are overvalued by more than $300 billion, and the Saudi Arabian bourse may be the most over-inflated in the world, says a report by Japanese investment bank Nomura.
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