Monday, December 12, 2005

Someone's not happy

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs is furious because he has realised phone calls to the Ministry are completely ignored by the operators.

"You will be placed under investigation if any of you fails to pick up the telephone promptly without any delay," Dr Al Kaabi warned the staff.

Excellent. This is just what we need. Now what we need to do is get the manager of Etisalat a nice shiny but hugely overpriced ADSL connection. Of course, it being an Etisalat connection, will be rigged with problems. Then, instead of flexing his influential muscles, lets have this manager go through his own company's Customer Service department and see how many hairs he will have ripped out of his head in frustration.

Etisalat's Customer Care can be best summed up by what happened to me months ago when I had problems with my ADSL line.

Hello, I have a problem with my modem, it refuses to work and it won't let me access the Internet at all. (Further description of problem)

Clueless Customer Care Rep on the other end of the line:
Well, if you just log on to the Etisalat site and download the new drivers...

(Phone slammed, expletives muttered)


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