Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jumeirah Blocks Residence

Completion of the Jumeirah Concrete Blocks Residence has been delayed from this month to next summer. No doubt sold as the most exclusive address on the planet, in reality it is anything but. Mass produced towers set so close to each other, some are permanently shaded from the sun.
Marina dwellers breathe a sigh of relief, as time for them has been extended, before JBR residents move in and the area becomes swamped with traffic - the new Bur Dubai? - completely due to poor infrastructure planning.
Those among us with at least an iota of intelligence will ask why the roads and interchanges weren't built first. But ofcourse, roads don't make money, buildings do. So, lets cram an area full of thousands of villas, and provide a small two lane interchange with two roundabouts on each side for these villas, because somehow, magically, it is deemed more than adequate.


Blogger samuraisam said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, it's only a matter of time until the "hip and cool" Nouveau Riche of Dubai begin making their commute to "work" everyday by helicopter leaving the groundlings to drive here and there by way of the nissan sunny.

Of course those of us with an inch of style will have already placed down-payments and deposits on the ferarri and apache lines of helicopter, i hear the red models are especially difficult to come by, (waits for story of rich pom who paid 3 million dhs extra so his wife could have a red helicopter).

I am too cool for boring old helicopters, when i get a license, i will be buying an ice cream truck, ample excuse to have ample supply of ice cream and to have speakers on the roof, so everyone can hear some bad music, and it'll over come the current doof-doof machines that can be heard driving ever-so-slowly through diyafah street.

1:16 pm GTS  
Blogger CG said...

oh yes. And don't forget about the fact that there will be no hospitals available....And as far as I know the DOHMS have not planned to build any government medical services up that way. If they had then they would proudly announce it in the media, as they like to do.

7:07 pm GTS  
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