Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back to basics

KT reminds me of an ancient person from the past come to life speaking. Take this article, I'm not sure how they manage to write so strangely.

WHEN checking his final results in one of Sharjah’s elementary schools, Hamad — a pupil in Grade III — got the shock of his life when he was pronounced a failure. But after a while, the school informed him that he had passed the grade. Consequently, he was promoted to Grade IV.

Hamad was deeply involved in his studies, and secured high marks in the first semester. Yet, Hamad’s school had surprisingly informed him of his failure in Grade III.
How are we supposed to react to this strange scenario? The little boy had nothing to do with the confusion over his result. Why should he suffer for someone else’s mistakes? Hamad had studied hard for his exams and absorbed his studies quite well, scoring good marks. We do call on Hamad’s school to produce a successful pupil rather than a miserable, depressed one.

Anyway, the Dubai Press Club is hosting a few courses on the "language of reporting" where UAE journalists can sign up to help "polish their writing and reporting while working on basic language skills, such as style grammar and punctuation". If they need to be retaught this how did they become journos in the first place?

Nevertheless, lets hope the DPC can cast a spell all over UAE journalists, that bans from them abusing and reusing certain words over and over and over again. I will spit blood if I ever see the word "luxurious", or the phrase "most exclusive address on the planet" in another property press release.


Blogger secretdubai said...

No no no no. Not "retaught".


8:28 pm GTS  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on schools in Dubai. According to one well known school, I pretty much have two kids with ADD. We don't concur. One's already out and the other one we are moving somewhere else next year. Talk about miserable and depressed, many children here are getting mixed signals from schools. More to come on the subject on my blog. -DB

6:53 am GTS  
Blogger desertblog said...

LOL SD! And that is the only time you will see me use one of those internet abbreviations.
Can't wait to read more, Bigus.

4:44 pm GTS  
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