Saturday, November 05, 2005

An evening at The One

Went to The One recently with the bank account raider aka the wife in tow , 'just to have a quick look round at their new furniture!' she said. Or rather, lied.

Several hours and a few delivery appointments later, we got in the car and went back home, where she marvelled and talked endlessly about the new bits and bobs we bought.
Note to self: Nail wallet firmly shut and ban the missus' hands from pockets.

While we were there and I was aimlessly wandering around, looking at the furniture and trying to make time go faster, a Jumeirah Jane moved from item to item with the excitement of an eager dog about to get a bone. At one point, she picked up an item, held it tenderly and began to purr lovingly. Now I know most ladies here love their jaunts to Home Centre, IKEA, and The One to ogle at the latest wicker basket range but surely this is excessive?!
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