Thursday, November 17, 2005

Double standards?

You know Dubai is desperately trying to attract the big names in showbiz when MJ is allowed to cross-dress himself into the ladies room at Ibn Battuta without getting a swift deportation order, yet three transvestite men in RAK are sent straight to jail, although they did not visit any ladies rooms. Just how far will Dubai bend backwards and turn a blind eye to rules and regulations in order to put itself on the global map?

37-year old Latifa M. never imagined that she would come face to face with pop icon Michael Jackson, who walked in dressed in a T-shirt and trousers, with his head covered with the Emirati women’s traditional head scarf. The Tunisian, who is a teacher in a private school in Dubai, screamed in shock and ran out of the ladies room when she realised that the woman-like person was a man.

As for the RAK incident:
Three transvestite men who flaunted themselves on the emirate's corniche have each been jailed for six months.

How strange, no deportation order! Three brownie points for guessing these men's nationalities.
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