Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sad news from the hills

Recently news of the death of a young teenager in The Meadows has been circulating. Apparently she died after crashing into a lamp post while on her quadbike.

An ambulance was called immediately to the Meadows 5 after the fifteen year old's accident, but it took nearly fourty minutes for it to arrive. The police did not want to visit the scene at first, but finally agreed to when they heard Gabriella had died.

This story should hopefully wake Emaar up as to the poor health facilities in their freehold developments. Frankly, fourty minutes for emergency to arrive is appalling, and I urge them to rapidly review their emergency entry and exit vehicle routes, and plans to construct twenty-four hour emergency clinics around the area.

Let us not allow such occurances to become as common-place as accidents on the Sheikh Zayed Racetrack.


Blogger moryarti said...

very sad indeed - her parents must be devastated

11:49 pm GTS  
Blogger CG said...

By the way, if you call the Police Operations room and ask for a helicopter they will usually send one, especially if you explain the seriousness. You should not wait and see, when you call in the incident, at that moment you must request air help.
The same goes for any vehicular accident in remote areas.

9:26 pm GTS  
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