Monday, October 17, 2005

On the airwaves

Just about every single one of us has come across the description of Dubai being a melting pot (which strangely has immiscible contents) of different nationalities that each bring their own culture and way of living into the city. This includes the appalling driving (baby on father's lap while he chats animatedly to a friend on his mobile with a leg dangling out of the window?) and the more bizarre uses of language (a 'thousand apologies' anyone?) but if there is one thing I draw the line at, it is when a radio news presenter gets their first language wrong!

A certain afternoon newsreader definitely riles me up with their abominable pronunciation. Yesterday, with a honey-warming North American accent flowing through the radio waves, the listeners of Channel4 were told by this certain person of how Iran was in the middle of 'noo-cul-lur' negotations with the EU.

Noo-cul-lur? It is nuclear. Two syllables, and for once, the word sounds exactly as it looks on paper! Sadly this certain presenter makes this mistake time after time.

Speaking of Channel4, if they ceased to exist, where else would you be able to listen to the corniest, dullest, non-jokes while on your way to work? Even more grating is the morning show co-host's standard response to every single question: 'Yup yup yup. Mhmm. '

Thankfully Emma B provides a much better quality show than her competitor .7Mhz to the right on the radio dial.


Blogger don_veto said...

nucooloor! isn't that how GW pronounces it? You can't have everyone speaking BBC english can you.

9:17 pm GTS  
Blogger moryarti said...

I see that in the IT industry alot - Router is pronounced (RAW-TAR) by the Yanks, where as the English pronounce it (ROO-TER), same thing with Mobile (English: (MO-BI-L), American (MO-BEL)..

6:15 am GTS  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey!! come on!!

but no..seriously..the comments about Channel 4 are on the money..besides, you get heart thumpingly good music and a super cute lisp with Emma B's show..can anyone say crush..siiiiiigh..

7:48 pm GTS  
Blogger desertblog said...

Looks like Emma has a secret admirer!

3:39 pm GTS  

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