Sunday, September 11, 2005

Island Mania

Quite why this country has a fascination with ruining miles of unspoilt beaches and dumping tonnes of sand in the middle of the Gulf to create artificial islands I'll never know.

As if the Palms and the World Islands weren't enough, Sharjah has announced plans to construct its own little 'eighth wonder of the world' on the sea, to be known as the Nujoom Islands, double the size of the Palm and consisting of 2500 villas, offices and hotels ready in 2009.

Apparently it is set to rival the likes of Palm Jumeirah.

Picture this awe-inspring setting: Crawling inch by inch along the clogged roads of sandy Sharjah to your idyllic home on the Nujoom. A relaxing stroll along the beach after a short dip in the sea (in trousers mind you, shorts are illegal) while you ward off secret police coming to your freehold property demanding to see a marriage certificate for the female that lives with you and insisting she buys 'Sharjah Swimwear' for those daily tanning sessions on the beach.

Sharjah will certainly be giving Nakheel a run for its money.


Blogger clayfuture said...

Ha! Funny piece! Especially the link to the Sharjah swimsuits!! You can hardly call them swimsuits! I enjoyed reading this one!! (still laughing!)

4:40 pm GTS  
Blogger Stitch said...

You try sailing out there. Sailing along quite peacefully one evening coming back from the Musandam, I literally bumped into the World. Not that it had any navigation lights round it or anything. Gits, so you can imagine what its going to be like in a years time.

3:08 pm GTS  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharjah??? Gimme a break, you can wear Michael Jackson kind of full white lycra bodysuits to the beach in Sharjah.

12:14 pm GTS  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We in Sharjah are quire happy that the bikini crowd and religious bigots like you have no interest in moving your culture war into our backyard. I can see you are SO incredibly happy in Dubai, so stay there and enjoy all your favorite things and please do not worry about Sharjah.

10:03 pm GTS  
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