Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fire at the centre of crap

It's been a week since the Oasis Centre was gutted in an early Friday morning fire. Not that the shopping mall will be particularly missed for any reason - apart from Petland - but there still are a few alarming coincidences.

The centre was struggling to attract shoppers, especially as new malls have just opened or are in various stages of completion.

The mall overlooked a cemetery (the perfect place to read your dead celebs mag with a nice cup of coffee in hand?) and was not in the best of locations.

The owners owned the old Lamcy shopping centre, which burned down mysteriously a decade ago.

The automatic sprinkler system of Oasis Centre was not working at the time of the fire.

The mall is insured.

Later this month, many of its flagship stores such as Home Centre, Splash and Lifestyle will be opening at the Mall of the Emirates.

Draw your own conclusions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shiznit!!! Are you telling me these are the same owners of that burned down Lamcy store?

I think you're onto something big! Do the CID (Criminal Investigation Division, AKA Cops In Dish-Dash) read blogs?

9:46 pm GTS  
Blogger black feline said...

kindly alert Emirates Today...NOW!

10:41 pm GTS  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Out of curiosity - what does Al Quoz graveyard look like? Is it just sand and stones marking graves? Or are there nice trees and landscaping and stuff?

11:22 pm GTS  
Blogger Baroque said...

Conspiracy! :P~

2:05 am GTS  
Blogger desertblog said...

Secretdubai, the Al Quoz graveyard is just sand and little mounds to mark graves. Having driven past it once with the windows rolled down, I have noticed an unpleasant smell around it, not a very respectful thing to say I know but it was quite pungent.

9:37 am GTS  
Blogger samuraisam said...

I support this argument,

they claimed to blame an air conditioning engineer or something installing aircon ducting in the middle of the night. either they treat their workers like shit, or this was an insurance job, even if it was an insurance job they probably still treat their workers like shit.
they claimed 300 million dhs of lost money from it, i wouldnt believe the building was worth over 50 mil, and i doubt they were doing over 10-20 grand a day in business, it was always a dead beat shopping centre, personally im happy its gone.

10:23 pm GTS  
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