Friday, September 23, 2005

Etisalat's understanding of customer care

You know our wonderful monopoly Etisalat has got its definition of customer care wrong when it bills its customers even though it realises full well it wasn't their fault.

Many Etisalat customers have complained that their land phone lines were hacked through the internet and asked why should they pay for the hackers.

“I faxed a complaint and e-mailed Etisalat twice, but I received no response. Then I went personally and I got an explanation from the counter that my telephone line was hacked via the internet and calls were made and that I have to pay.”

Hilarious. Etisalat, a telecommunications giant with billion dirham annual profits has not yet mastered the art of responding to faxes and emails! An irony that renders me speechless.

When the new telecoms company starts up, Etisalat beware. Like an elephant, the customer has a very long memory, and will flee the proxified crapness that is your Internet service in droves once there is another alternative.


Blogger samuraisam said...

This may be the only time i'll ever defend Etisalat as long as i'm living.

Getting your phone line hacked usually involves you yourself downloading a dialer application from a porn or warez website that will dial up its international access number and charge a heck of a lot per minute, these are installed by the end user almost always, and even if they were "hacked", it is the users responsibility to stop it from occuring.

10:18 pm GTS  
Blogger desertblog said...

Thanks for that, that should teach me to research a little before posting!

10:14 pm GTS  
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