Sunday, August 21, 2005

Slithering serpent in Umm Suqeim

Apparently speeding motorists haven't been the only menace for Umm Suqeim. Pet python Cleopatra was reunited with her owner after spending an astonishing four months roaming the quiet streets of this residential area.

The python escaped from the villa when Cabaj, an 18-year-old secretary from Germany, forgot to secure the fish tank. The loss came just two months after Cabaj had bought the snake for Dh500.

Fear not if you thought the reptile might be harmful, as its owner is quick to point out.

"Cleopatra herself is a nice snake because she's never bitten anybody. She is really calm and everybody can touch her. She's such a nice snake. My friends wear her round their neck. It's wonderful to have her back," she said.

Never mind the fact that it is a bloody python. The return of the "nice snake" back to its fish tank comes as welcome news to all.
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