Friday, August 05, 2005

Sharjah gives the nod to e-divorces

Neighbouring Sharjah plans give divorces issued through emails, sms and Instant Messenger the official go-ahead. This comes as a result of research to see how new technology fits in with the current laws of the emirate, in a bid to embrace modernity (oh the irony of it all).

Scholars think that divorce through the mail, the Internet and SMS is valid if the husband was the divorcing party and that he admitted having divorced his spouse.

No doubt Sharjah wives will be thrilled.


Blogger Norma Kassim PhD said...

Why should the Sharjah wives be thrilled..when only the husband has the right to divorce them thro sms? I don't understand? It is ok if they can divorce their husband through the same means?

6:27 am GTS  
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