Monday, August 22, 2005 falls under the heavy proxy hammer

The latest site not "within the religious, political, cultural and moral values of the United Arab Emirates" is according to Etisalat.

Now slightly curious, I took a look at the website at my work place, which enjoys a proxy-free connection to the Internet. It has very useful sections for Dubai. The site works like an 'e-classifieds' for all sorts of things ranging from real estate to employment and anyone can put up a notice for free.

Presumably the reason it got blocked was because of the 'Personals' section, which admittedly had a few amusing yet bizarre ads.

We will play cards, each turn you lose you will take off a piece of your clothes, I will do the same. If you get naked before me, so that's my prize, I will see your naked body and I won't ask more. If i get naked before you, so you have the right to ask me anything (money or whatever.....) If you ask for money (because you win) it will be limited up to 3000 Dhs. But remember I will not pay unless i lose and get naked before you.
If you are interested in such a fun. contact me..

His phone must be ringing off the hook.


Blogger secretdubai said...

Is that the one with a "couples" personals section?

It made me quite ill, thinking that people I meet and greet in daily life might be on there cruising for a swinging :(

1:04 am GTS  
Blogger desertblog said...

secretdubai, thats the one! Judging by the ads I saw, there certainly are people in Dubai with unique fetishes. Interestingly, since I published this article traffic to my blog has risen sharply for some reason and I've had to delete some 'spam' comments. The last time this happened was when I wrote about that Tiffany Towers building. Somehow related?

9:12 am GTS  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

There seems to be lot of LONELY people in DUBAI, this is too funny.

9:02 pm GTS  
Blogger samuraisam said...

dubai has a very weird social system. tonnes of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

1:02 am GTS  

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