Monday, August 15, 2005

The eradication of undesirables

It appears Dubai's "young and not-so young" men are finding fewer and fewer welcoming places in the town. After the KT's reported round up of the aforementioned at the beach just a few days ago, it seems the current trend of eviction has spread to the public parks.

About 30 homeless people sleeping rough on parks in Deira have been evicted, according to witnesses. The men, most of whom are Pakistani or Afghan, were reportedly rounded up in the middle of the night on Wednesday.

A security guard at one of the parks said people sleeping rough was not uncommon. “The Deira Open Park has been the last resort for many homeless people,” he said.

Homelessness is a common issue in many world cities, but such 'undesirables' will blight Dubtown's efforts towards a state of utopia, and need to be eradicated, as you can imagine.

Speaking of utopia, in the ongoing Etisalat saga, the company warns of several more days of stone-age Internet speeds, as their cable repair efforts are apparently hampered by red tape.

Internet services in the UAE are likely to remain slow for several more days at least because engineers do not have permits from the Indian government to repair two cables broken during monsoon weather.

An Etisalat spokesman said the permits were taking several days to come since more than one government department was involved in issuing them.
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