Saturday, July 16, 2005


A subject much talked about among Dubai residents is the dire road etiquette here. Driving from A to B is more of a fierce battle to protect yourself from being rammed into by another driver simultaneously talking on the phone, reading a magazine and clipping their fingernails, all the while having their feet propped up on the steering wheel as a means of steering the car.

A recent article in 7Days:

Hundreds of drivers recruited to work for a leading transport company in Dubai are still unable to pass their driving tests, several months after arriving in the UAE. Many of the recruits for both light and heavy goods vehicles - mostly from India and Pakistan - said it is taking them more time to pass their driving tests than they initially expected.

But it'’s already over two months since I came here and I have still not been able to pass the tests,” said Abdul Razaak, one candidate with another recruitment agency. He agrees that the testing pattern is superior and more rigorous in the UAE compared to India.

The battle to save one's life on Dubai roads continues...
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