Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Be kind to the fair sex"

Apparently, construction workers haven't been the only ones subjected to unfair and horrid treatment lately. The Khaleej Times tells all of how female inspectors for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs face distress from their work.

In her complaint, the inspector said that she and her female colleagues had to toil under the sizzling sun while inspecting companies on streets to ensure their compliance with the ban order. She complained that the ministry’s vehicles, they used while carrying out their assignment, were devoid of tinted glass to protect them from the scorching sun.

We believe the plea does deserve to be paid attention to. The ministry should keep the fair sex away from this filed work and assign the task to men, who are more suited to the job.

The poor things.


Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh this so irritated me. The fking KT deciding that all women are somehow to weak and sensitive to do the same work as men. What a setback for any female engineering students.

12:18 am GTS  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

Talk about double standards, the poor things have to be in the SUN for a few hours to check on construction sites. It must be really hard walking around with a Fking clipboard. So to help them the ministry is going to give them an allowance. Where as the violations of the law are rampant, but the ministry is refusing to take a TOUGHER STANCE on this issue to help the POOR souls who actually work in this HEAT.I say shut the F' ing construction site down if there are not obeying the laws. I honestly believe the ministry is viewing this as an AVENUE to generate money from FINES and to appease the human rights organisations with a BULLSHIT law. "LOOK LOOK WE ARE SUCH A GREAT COUNTRY , WE TREAT OUR LABORERS SO WELL, WE HAVE THIS LAW (wink wink) THAT THE THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORK IN THE HEAT DURING THE SUMMER".

12:57 am GTS  
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