Saturday, July 30, 2005

Amusing cabbies

An Uzbek woman who hired a taxi got the shock of her life when her taxi driver not only refused to take her because the journey was too short, but also forcefully evicted her!

I was so glad to be able to find a taxi, I got into the front seat. When I told the taxi driver where I wanted to go, he simply refused and asked me to get out of his taxi. He was so rude.

"When I refused to obey him, he got out of his driver's seat, opened the passenger door and pulled me out on to the ground. My luggage was also thrown out.

"He then hit me on my legs with his hands and drove off. Luckily I had taken down his taxi number. By this time a crowd had gathered around me. It was so embarrassing," she said.

This story was rather interesting. What cabbies here don't seem to realise is the shortest distances actually make the most money per kilometre!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's always a big difference between what you see on the outside and what's really going on inside. Without sounding politically incorrect and with no predjudice against the eastern block...

an Uzbek woman - BEEP! Doesn’t that ring a bell anyone!??

Man-handling a lady’s no small matter but given the stigma that some of these ‘eastern’ women carry, it might, even by a slim chance, be justifiable.


1:14 pm GTS  
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